Professional content editor

34,000 £ - 40,000 £

Project Description

The editor will have the mandate of checking content for grammar, punctuation, and language errors, among other things.

The editor will be responsible for:
1.Proofreading text to check for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
2.Checking for readability, style, and agreement with provided guidelines.
3.Suggesting revisions, such as changing words and rearranging sentences and paragraphs to improve clarity or accuracy.
4.Conducting research in order to confirm sources and verify facts, dates, and statistics.
5.Working with writers to help enhance their ideas.
6.Approving final versions submitted by writers.

The applicant should:
1.Hold a bachelor’s degree in English or related course.
2.Have exceptional Language skills.
3.Be detail oriented.
4.Have excellent judgment.
5.Have strong Interpersonal skills.
6.Be ready to work in night shifts.
7.Have a high level of integrity.
8.Be mature, self-motivated, and ambitious. Show More



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