Social media content manager

20,000 £ - 350,000 £

Project Description

1. To create trending and engaging content on TikTok, Instagram reels and Twitter.
2. Ability to anticipate upcoming trends and responding by creating and tweaking content to fit in such cases as provided by our content creator.
3. Coordinate with our content creator on the type of content they need to achieve the above goal.
4. The ability to edit given content using the various in-built tools from each social media platform.
5. Update social media content across all channels on a daily basis.
6. Provide real-time response to customer queries in not more than 1 hour after.
7. Ability to analyse data from Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram and apply this knowledge to direct creating of better videos.
8. Keep an eye on social media trends – Local and international with real-time response on new content creation on all platforms.
9. Ability to discover, search and use local hashtags that generate more engagement.

Skills and Qualifications
• Knowledge of best practices for social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
• Organised and able to multitask.
• Strong understanding of the TikTok Algorithm, Instagram Reels and Twitter Trends.
• Ability to create fun and original social media content ideas that generate high levels of engagement.
• Has previously created trending content either on a personal account or on behalf of a company/person/agency (PROOF REQUIRED).
• Ability to use provided tools of video animation to create captivating and engaging content.
• Passionate about social media and therefore provides real-timef response or within shortest time possible. Show More


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