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About Me

I am a certified passionate Digital Marketing Officer who plans and oversees all kinds of marketing activities and campaigns.

•Managing and developing marketing campaigns.
•Researching and analysing data to identify and define audiences.
•Producing valuable and engaging content for our digital channels and blogs that appeal to and converts our target audiences.
•Taking photos, video, and content for social media campaigns
•Evaluating the effectiveness of digital campaigns.
•Reporting on trends and statistics across all digital media platforms.
•Conducting market research to identify opportunities for promotion and growth
•Organising a calendar of marketing events, such as special dates, new collections, sales
•Writing press releases and communicating with the media under the guidance of the Marketing manager
•Creating a social media calendar that includes product announcements, contests, crowd sourcing for responses, company accolades, and advertisements, among other things.


Derricks Mattress Ltd

Digital marketer

I was incharge of: Segmenting the customers into different segments, and creating relevant email marketing campaigns for the different segments, designing and sharing social media updates with the ecommerce and retail teams for cohesive reporting, experimenting with organic and paid acquisition in digital marketing channels such as Facebook Business and Google AdWords & building strategic relationships with major industry players, influencers, and bloggers and form partnerships with them.



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